The mission of the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects is to assure that the health, safety, and welfare of Nevada's citizens and the State's unique environment and economy are adequately protected with regard to any federal high-level nuclear waste disposal activities in the State.


The Agency for Nuclear Projects operates as part of the Nevada Governor's Office and consists of a Division of Technical Programs and a Division of Planning. The Executive Director is appointed by the governor and serves at the pleasure of the Commission on Nuclear Projects. The seven member Commission advises the governor and legislature on nuclear wastes issues and oversees Agency activities. The Agency oversees the federal high-level radioactive waste disposal program; carries out independent technical, socioeconomic and other studies; works closely with state agencies and local governments on matters relating to radioactive waste; and provides information to the governor, legislature, and any interested parties. The Agency uses a small, central staff supplemented by contractual services for needed technical and specialized expertise in order to provide high quality oversight and monitoring of federal activities, to conduct necessary independent studies, and to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and resources.

The work of the Agency specifically includes:

  • monitoring all DOE activities relative to the federal high-level nuclear waste repository proposed for Nevada;

  • coordinating State and local responses and reviews of DOE technical and planning documents and proposals, and assuring that all affected State and local governmental agencies are appropriately involved in all phases of federal repository activities;

  • conducting independent reviews of hydrological, geological, engineering and other technical aspects of the proposed federal repository project; conducting independent studies in areas of socioeconomic, transportation, and others as needed;

  • consulting and coordinating with other appropriate State agencies for input and guidance regarding the design of the State program, for review and comment relative to federal documents, and for identifying potential impacts of the federal program and formulating mitigation strategies;

  • coordinating and facilitating the involvement of affected local governments in planning for impacts associated with a potential repository in the State;

  • identifying health, safety and environmental issues which are of concern to the State and developing State responses and strategies for addressing these issues;

  • providing timely and accurate information to the Governor, the Legislature, local governments, and the public on all aspects of the federal program;

  • identifying major legal issues arising out of the proposed repository project and developing strategies for effectively addressing such issues to the benefit of the State and affected local communities;

  • representing Nevada's interests at the national level, including participation in Nuclear Regulatory Commission deliberations and rulemaking activities concerning licensing of a waste repository; sharing information on Nevada's activities with other affected states; and working with organizations such as the Western Governors' Association, the National Governors' Association, the Western Interstate Energy Board, various DOE working groups and other entities to identify, evaluate, and plan for impacts and associated consequences of repository activities and related nuclear materials transportation.


The Agency functions under the authority specified in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 459.009 - 459.0098)